The Big Idea

As Advocates of the Human Race, What are You Willing to Do?

We all play an important role in a story bigger than ourselves. Therefore our rights come with responsibilities. Our right to be respected comes with a responsibility to treat others with respect. Our right to create comes with a responsibility to prioritize human thriving. 


What are you willing to do to contribute your unique talents, resources and experiences to make it easier and more compelling for people to improve their Social Impact? 

At the end of the day, the questions we ask of ourselves determine our next decision, thus the direction our lives will take.

As Parents & Mentors ...

As Business Leaders...

As Parents & Mentors ...


 … we need to remember everything is contagious. 

In other words, more is caught than taught. That means we can’t just talk about positive changes, we have to develop habits that are on par with our goals. 

If we think our successes and failures and the opinion of others define who we are, we will spend our lives focused on avoiding failure and rejection. The more we understand our value and embrace our unconditional significance, our desire to use our unique talents, resources and experiences to make a positive impact grows. 

Therefore as parents, teachers, friends and co-workers we need to ask ourselves, “Am I embracing the importance of my relationships and choosing to be the change I hope to see in the world?”

As Media Makers ...

As Business Leaders...

As Parents & Mentors ...


 ...we need to remember we are mass influencers.  

We are people of story. When we hear a story, it inevitably impacts our own. Sometimes a story can inspire or motivate us to positive action. At other times, it pulls us down. It saddles us with language we can't block out and images we can't forget. Media, especially well-crafted media, has the power to move us, and that's a good thing. But sometimes, media can move us in directions we don't want or shouldn't go. And as such, we should never underestimate its power. (PluggIn Movie Review


Therefore we need to ask ourselves, “What can we do to create media that aligns with humanity's best interest by inspiring our audience to believe their life matters and their experiences can become a part of their contribution to the world?

As Business Leaders...

As Business Leaders...

As Business Leaders...


 ...we need to remember we are mass influencers. 

"If you want to change the government, you have to change the corporations. If you want to change the corporations, change the consumers … Every time we’ve made a decision that’s right for the planet, it’s made us more money. Civil democracy is the strongest force in America by far... When we all start acting like citizens we can turn things around.”  

Therefore we need to ask ourselves, “How can we create successful product road maps and marketing strategies that align with humanity's best interest? If our business model depends on people engaging and purchasing our products and services without discretion, how can we adjust our business model to succeed in an environment where people are making better choices?”

The big idea


Work Together to Improve Human Thriving

There are big, complex problems that need addressing and they demand collaboration among those who bring different attributes to the table. That is why HHH is so passionate about making it possible for a wide variety of organizations and influencers to work together and realign professional and social norms to make thriving easier. 


What HHH has to Offer

As leaders are stepping back and rethinking what is right, wrong and best about what they are doing and choosing to increase their efforts to cultivate change from the inside out, HHH is ready to provide adaptable, affordable and accessible tools and language that enable a wide variety of organizations to work together inspire and empower people to “THINK CARE and ACT.” 


HHH's Unique Value Proposition

To enable collaboration, HHH designed ADAPTABLE tools by using timeless, universal principles, simple messages and graphics and interchangeable media.

To service under resourced groups, HHH designed  ACCESSIBLE and AFFORDABLE tools by using a low cost distribution model and making its tools simple enough that they can be taught with a “stick in the sand.”  Learn more...

How We Do This