The Connor Project Foundation (TCPF)


TCPF and HHH are partnering to provide preventative and restorative resources for youth and families.

The Tabitha Foundation


By partnering with the Tabitha Foundation, HHH's Best Life Curriculum is enabling  impoverished single mothers in Ethiopia to believe “I can do this” and move forward.”

The Azteca Youth Soccer Academy


 Using the HHH partners with the Azteca Youth Soccer Academy.  The Aztecas Youth Soccer Academy uses soccer to reclaim the lives of at-risk Latino youth who struggle with gangs, violence and poverty in Santa Cruz County and the Pajaro Valley.  

The Connor Project Foundation

The Connor Project Foundation (TCPF) was started by Devin and Veronica Eckhardt when their vibrant 19 year-old son Connor Reid Eckhardt died after just ONE HIT of a legal synthetic drug called “Spice.”  

Having reached over 200 million people around the world, something about Connor’s story cuts across socio-economic divides and causes people to think differently about the decisions they are making. 

Veronica says, “What we have learned is an increasing number of youth are struggling and individuals, parents and organizations are desperately seeking ways to help youth make good choices given the ever changing complexities of our society." To that end, the Connor Foundation started working with Head Heart & Hands in 2015 to develop a curriculum that helps people understand their significance and gain the tools to live a productive life no matter their circumstances are.”

It is personal. TCPF wants YOU (the person reading this) to know YOU play an important role in this world. The choices YOU make will impact yourself and others today and into the future. You don’t need to share your story with millions of people like we did to gain hope. YOU just need to know YOUR life matters and no matter what your story is YOU can live above and beyond whatever you thought possible by developing the habit of thinking, caring and putting your good intentions to action.


The Tabitha Foundation

Difficult issues that women in poor countries face include lack of education and healthcare, emotional, physical and spiritual abuse, human trafficking, polygamy and alcoholism.  

The mission of the Tabitha Foundation is to lift the spirit of underprivileged mothers in poor countries by equipping and empowering then through educational, social and economical development and support.  

Knowing that lasting transformation requires more than just improving circumstances, the Tabitha Foundation uses the Best Life Curriculum to give the women foundational tools for cultivating the INWARD and OUTWARD growth needed to thrive.  Rita Khayat, Founder of the Tabitha Foundation says,“The local support team in Ethiopia found our training (financial, health, parental,...) for impoverished HIV+ mothers would not be as effective unless its built on the top of the HHH curriculum. So we’re calling it the ‘foundational track.’ Feeling valued opens the women's minds to a state of “I can do this” which keeps them thinking outside the box and moving forward.”


The Azteca Youth Soccer Academy

HHH partners with the Azteca Youth Soccer Academy.  The Aztecas Youth Soccer Academy uses soccer to reclaim the lives of at-risk Latino youth who struggle with gangs, violence and poverty in Santa Cruz County and the Pajaro Valley. Our players develop the life skills to thrive on and off the field: with each other, with family, and with community. 

Other Schools & Sports Programs

Being able to give our best effort in school or sports and not give up when it gets difficult is a challenge. At one time or another, most students and athletes get frustrated and think things like “Why is this so hard" or “I’ll never get this” or “I am good enough."  With the right tools, the classroom and athletic field become  excellent environments to develop the love, respect and confidence to give our best effort and thrive in today's world.  

The HHH tools teach students and athletes to set goals and how to live on mission even when they do not meet their goals.  Hillel Rom, Coach for the Women’s UCSC Club Soccer says, “Today’s youth need sign posts. Culture is not giving them the right cues. The HHH tools help my players work their brain and approach themselves from a different angle which is enabling them to keep reaching toward their full potential.”



Kylie, College Student

I am at a crossroad in my life and I need to remind myself who I am and who I want to become so I decided to draw my purpose on my phone to remind myself the story I want my life to tell.

Jenna, a 25 Year Professional

 ”Best Life gave me a language for my life.”  

John, High School Student

I find myself thinking before I act more often. It is allot easier for me to say I am sorry now. 

Maia, High School Student

 I used to be embarrassed about my circumstances. But now I see that ‘my story’ is the very thing that enables me to live out my purpose in life. 

Dan, a Certified Best Life Trainer

I have been weaving the Best Life principles into my job working at a alcohol and drug rehabilitation center. It's been good! I have everyone say they are unconditionally significant. The clients love it and it really makes them think. 

Anna Best Life Trainer in East Africa

When I lead workshops for refugees or HIV+ mothers and their children and explain to them their life matters, their hearts open up to listen. Learning their life has unconditional significance and they can make a positive impact wherever they are brings hope.