Who We Are

After over ten years of development, HHH tools exist because passionate people saw the need and they were willing to work together, using their unique talents and experiences to make it happen.

Meet the Current Team

Suzi Josselyn

Executive Director and Founder of Head Heart & Hands, Suzi uses her diverse background as a market strategist in the high tech industry, youth and family advocate, high school teacher and fitness instructor to help HHH create the forward thinking ideas and solutions needed to help people thrive in today's world.  

Chris S Thomas

 As a key advisor to HHH, Chris brings his experience as CEO of the Stonington Group and Chief Strategist with Intel along with his active engagement in the NGO community working through Nethope to help HHH develop strategies for education, business, technology and communication.  

Cammie Dunnaway

As a key advisor to HHH Cammie brings her expertise as Chief Marketing Officer for Yahoo!, Nintendo, KidZania and Duolingo along with her experience in global missions to help HHH develop a marketing and business development strategy that appeals to both youth and partner organizations around the world. 

Devin & Veronica Eckhardt

Devin and Veronica bring their combined experience in design, ministry, health care and the Connor Project Foundation to the HHH team. Having reached over 300 million people around the world, the Eckhardts have worked directly with thousands of youth and families effected by drugs after their son died from one hit of Spice. The Eckhardts are passionate about moving beyond the message and providing tangible resources. To this end, TCPF’s is working with HHH to provide the Best Life curriculum as a preventative and restorative resource for youth and families touched by Connor’s story.​ 

Aaron Huang

  Aaron is a UCSC undergraduate student with a tremendous amount of passion in entrepreneurship, ethics, and better human conditions through innovation. With a goal to revitalize the innovative spirit in UCSC, provide tools to empower students to become the disruptive business and thought leaders of tomorrow, Aaron founded UCSC’s entrepreneurship club - a student organization with hundreds of members and many partnerships in the Bay area. Aaron’s using his experiences in student organizations and the startup world to help brand and productize HHH’s curriculum and workshops.   

Mali Bertschi-Berkowitz

Mali is a UCSC undergraduate student helping to develop and test HHH curriculum. 

She brings loads of enthusiasm, passion, a warm smile and a determined work ethic. She works to help students shape their future and achieve the highest levels possible. She uses her leadership and organization skills, her love for helping others and her personal experiences to advance the HHH's curriculum reach new heights. 

Previous Contributors

Dr. James Ashby


Dr. James Ashby is President and Founder of Edify Education Services, a California-based consulting and development firm specializing in the development of educational assessments aligned to curriculum frameworks. He founded Edify Education Services to offer research based consultation in products designed to implement best practices in assessment and instruction. His company’s expertise is in the areas of assessment, data modeling, curriculum alignment, and platform design. His firm has partnered with school systems and education companies for the development of web-based platforms that allow school systems to manage their formative and predictive assessment programs. 

Porter Wesson and Matthew Josselyn

  Porter  and Matthew  graduated high school in the spring of 2015. Instead of going to college directly after, they decided to collaborate with Head Heart and Hands to spread the curriculum around the world. Believing that Head Heart and Hands is important and necessary for our generation both inside and outside of America, we determined that now was the time to go. 

Porter and Matthew led HHH workshops in Guatemala, South Africa, Kenya, and India. 

Jenna Boston


Jenna is a Santa Cruz native who has been working with youth for the past 8 years both in Santa Cruz and Seattle. She has worked in various capacities as a youth counselor and director at summer camps as well as a student leader at Seattle Pacific University. She has a huge desire to see youth and people thrive and become their best selves through interpersonal relationships, specifically mentorship and rich community. She desires to see Head Heart & Hands be a gateway for people to seek out mentorship and community with others to help continue to be a better version of themselves. 


Marc Opena

Marc brings in over 8 years of experience working with youth/young adults in urban, suburban, and rural settings – serving in startup and director roles. As a graduate from BiolaUniversity with a Human Biology Pre-Med degree alongside a double minor in Biblical Studies and Psychology, Marc carries both education and experience into the HHH Team. 


Our Story

2006 - A light bulb went off when several national publications quoted Suzi Josselyn's high tech CEO as saying, “Let's face it; we're not changing the world. We're building a product that helps people buy more crap - and watch porn." Working parallel careers as market strategist and community leader, she recognized the perils of integrating technology into our personal lives without a framework for good. At this moment, the passion to see organizations work together to make it easier for people to thrive was born. Inside the tech world, she used research, analysis and market intelligence to persuade her executives of the financial and branding benefits of starting a  "Tech for Good" initiative. She worked equally hard to help community leaders recognize the opportunity to collaborate to collectively cultivate a climate that makes it easier for people to thrive.

2008 - Suzi left the high tech industry to work on a social media compassion campaign. 

2009 - Suzi branched off to start Head Heart & Hands and the “Tech for Good” campaign evolved into a social impact program designed to cultivate holistic inward, outward growth. During this time Cammie Dunaway and Chris Thomas join the team and helped HHH turn a vision into a strategy. HHH obtained its non-profit status and began creating affordable, accessible tools that could be used by diverse organizations around the world to independently, yet organically improve social impact.

2012- HHH ran its first 8 week pilot with 8 families.

2015 - HHH publish the first edition of the Best Life curriculum. The program was piloted in schools, community organizations and children’s homes in California, India, Guatemala, South Africa and Kenya.

Today - HHH is focused on working with the Connor Foundation, the Tabitha Foundation in Ethiopia, schools and sports teams to pilot the second edition of Best Life. HHH is pursuing partnerships with universities, mental health experts and corporations to publish and scale its third edition.